Multi-parameter Telemetry & Logging

with AcqKnowledge® Software

BioHarness with AcqKnowledgeTM software is a state-of-the-art BioHarnesslightweight portable biological data collection and analysis system. It monitors, analyzes and records a variety of physiological parameters. The system operates in RF (Radio Frequency) transmitting mode for live viewing of data or data logging mode.

Data Channels

  • ECG - Raw(RF only; not logged)
  • Breathing
  • RR Interval
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • Skin Temperature
  • Posture
  • Vector Magnitude
  • Peak Acceleration
  • Breathing Wave Amplitude
  • X axis acceleration min
  • X axis acceleration peak
  • Y axis acceleration min
  • Y axis acceleration peak
  • Z axis acceleration peak
  • Z axis acceleration min

Live data viewing features include a variety of selectable waveforms and trend data including

  • ECG
  • Heart Rate
  • RR values
  • Respiration
  • Tri-axial accelermeter (X, Y & Z)
  • Activity level
  • Posture (attitude of device in degrees from vertical)

    Combine telemetry data with video recording

BioHarness with AcqKnowledge












Part Numbers:
Item Description
BIOHARNESS BioHarness Physiology Monitoring System
Includes One Medium (32.5- 39") Chest Strap

RXCHESTRAP Replacement Chest Strap
Specify: Small (26- 32.5"), Medium or Large (39-45.5")

RXCHESTRAP-5 Replacement Chest Strap 5-pk

RXCHESTRAP-50 Replacement Chest Strap 50-pk