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Virtual Reality

Biopac Virtual Reality platform

Biopac Research Systems

The BIOPAC virtual reality platform provides controlled and replicable experimental setups and allows manipulation of the environment (and avatars) that would be impossible or prohibitively expensive in the real world. Synchronization of events from the virtual world with physiological data from an MP System allows accurate and automated data analysis. The linking protocol allows you to use a feedback loop for greater control and automation of the VR world; change the VR world in real time, based on the subject's responses.

The virtual reality platform includes VR protocol, VR Toolkit (WorldViz Vizard VR Toolkit/Developer edition interface software), VR demos/tutorials, VR environment resources, and VR hardware options, including actuators, scent delivery, and head mounted display.
Available applications include:
Cue Reactivity
Fear of Flying
Iowa Gambling Task*
Public Speaking

*: this application is available for use without the virtual reality application
More information available here