User Friendly stimulus presentation software for PC and Macs

SuperLab 4.0 remains, without any doubt, the easiest way to build an experiment.

Biopac Research Systems
  • Stimulus: audio files, digital outputs, movies, pictures (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF), text, sound files, serial output Superlab Event Editor

  • Multiple input devices: keyboard key or string, Lumina MRI response pads, digital IO card, mouse or touch screen, voice key, RB series response pads

  • Built-in support for RSVP and self-paced reading

  • Improved support for fMRI and EEG/ERP

  • Trial variables

  • Conditional branching (if/then/else)

  • Multiple input devices in the same experiment

  • Free Result Viewer available here


Download fully functionnal demo

Biopac Research Systems

Software licence options:

Site licences, run time version, student licences available



Interfacing with Biopac Systems:

Digital markers identifying when stimuli were presented can be recorded to analyze the associated physiological response or for event related potentials.
Markers are generated using a Measurement Computing interface card, PCI-DIO24 or USB-DIO24 with a laptop computer.

With MP100 or MP150 system: uses STP100C with a 37 pin ribbon cable (included). Acqknoweldge also allows feedback to Superlab to generate stimuli based on a subject's physiological response such as respiration or heart rate.

With MP35, MP36 or MP36R system: use STP35