Biopac Research Systems
MP150 Next generation
BIOPAC MP Systems for research
bring power and flexibility to any lab.
MP Systems: Sophisticated solutions for data acquisition and analysis
The MP System hardware provides a flexible tool for your research and teaching needs. The modular, powerful interface system can be used with BIOPAC amplifiers and accessories and with equipment you already have. The newly expanded range of amplifiers further enhances your ability to create a system to suit your application requirements. Amplifiers snap together and pull apart for simple substitutions.
MP Starter Systems include all hardware, software and documentation you need to get started—then you can add amplifier modules, transducers, and electrodes to match your research design. Now you can even download our new Quick Start files to make it even easier to start your experiment.
New modules are available for Electrogastrogram, Microelectrode Recording, Noninvasive Blood Pressure Measurement, and Electrical Bio-impedance (Cardiac Output).
Each MP System provides high resolution (16 bit), variable sample rates for analog and calculation channels, 16 analog inputs andtwo analog outputs, digital I/O lines (automatically control other TTL level equipment), and 16 online calculation channels. Plus, with the MP150 System, you get high-speed acquisition (400 kHz aggregate), Ethernet connectivity, and the ability to view and control systems across a network.
The AcqKnowledge software included with each MP System is an interactive, intuitive program that lets you instantly view, measure, analyze, and transform data. Perform complex data acquisition, triggering and analyses using simple pull-down menus and dialogs—no need to learn a programming language or new protocol.
  • Acquisition Features — variable sample rates, pause mode, and stimulation design and control
  • Display Features — advanced grid system, journal facility for note taking, textual event markers, and measurement tools
  • Analysis Features — signal averaging, sophisticated pulmonary integration routines, filtering, FFT, histogram, automatic data reduction, template analysis, peak detection features, find rate settings, and a equation generator
  • User-Interface Features — tool tip mouse-overs (for sample rate, channel rate, measurement results, etc.) and real-time, searchable MP System guides (PDF format), as well as extensive online support and training documents 
BIOPAC MP workstations include all hardware, software and documentation you need to get started. The NEW MP150 systems for Windows or Mac include Ethernet options.
AcqKnowledge software is included with all MP Systems, works with MP150 via UDP or MP100 via USB, and is also sold separately.
To put together a system for your specific needs, pick a Starter System and then add amplifier modules, transducers and electrodes to match your research design.
Can't decide which MP System is best for you?
Compare the MP System Functions for details.  
Other amplifiers and a variety of transducers, electrodes and sensors are described at

The Applications section of the website provides specific information about how MP Systems can be used for a variety of different applications. Learn more about how the software records, displays, and analyzes data relevant to the application.